Have you got a project that uses parslet? Please write us about it.


edn-ruby is a Ruby library to read and write edn- format/edn (extensible data notation), a subset of Clojure used for transferring data between applications, much like JSON, YAML, or XML.


In here, you can find a parser for a lisp like language and much more.


A really small and elegant HTTP server written in Ruby. Think Webrick. Using parslet. (Postmodern)


An external DSL for Ruby that tries to make regular expressions readable and maintainable. (Hal Fulton)


A self-ml implementation using parslet. (Ricardo Mendes)


Thnad is a tiny programming language with so few features that it is not useful for anything at all — except showing how to write a compiler in half an hour.


A units of measure library for Ruby. Part of it’s magic comes from supporting the “Unified Code for Units of Measure”, which has a formal grammar, described here. The grammar is sufficiently complicated that it can’t be solved with regular expressions (mostly because the grammar is recursive), and was therefore better suited for a PEG. (Josh Lewis)


A variant of Chris Pound’s word generator written in Ruby, with some improvements. (Robert Kosek)


A semantic version parser. (meh)


A ruby gem for parsing Wordpress style shortcodes using parslet. (Jamie Dyer)

Simple Java Parser

A simple Java parser that can parse the overall structure of a Java file.


A ruby virtual machine in 100% ruby, that tries to parse most of ruby syntax using parslet.